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The Kelowna Folk Club is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and fostering of live music and its cultural heritage.

 "The Kelowna Folk Club has unfailingly brought exquisite talent to the community. Their reputation for inviting quality acts to our city means all one really has to know is the date of the next concert, because we are guaranteed to get our money's worth."
Anna Jacyszyn, eVent! magazine

With great support from our members, most of the 2016 concerts were SOLD OUT performances.

Our house concert attendees have raved about the experience.
We announce these events as we move foward, but please visit us regularly before the event sells out. This is a fabulous way to see these entertainers in a unique intimate setting.

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Friday, July 29th, 2016 at #2- 3105 Thacker Drive, West Kelowna
Doors open at 7 pm, performance at 7:30 sharp.

SORRY.. Another Sold-Out performance
from your Kelowna Folk Club

Something very special happened one day, two and a half years ago in the kitchen of Vancouver's St. James Music Academy, a non-profit that nurtures the musical souls and tummies of neighboring inner city kids. Academy cook, Hannah Walker, was frazzled trying to prepare and serve a hundred quesadillas before the mad rush of children, and deal with a well-meaning, but untrained, volunteer. In a strange moment of serenity, she discovered that the greenhorn in question, Jamie Elliott, was her musical soulmate and would be her future counterpart in the folk-Americana duo, Twin Bandit. On that day, Hannah and Jamie harmonized against the fevered pitch of stress and imminent chaos. With a few stolen moments, Hannah and Jamie began the adventure that would lead to their all-original folk Americana duo, Twin Bandit. They feature poignant lyrics and achingly gorgeous harmonies with spare instrumental accompaniment.

Upon meeting, their connection was instant as both are equally strong instrumentalists, singers, songwriters and co-writers. They’re twin creative souls with a compelling darkness to their work, hence the name Twin Bandit. Since that fortuitous day they have released two albums and toured across Canada, to the US and Europe all to rave reviews.

We first met these two lovely and talented young women at the Bottega Festival and we immediately put them on our list of acts we would like to bring to our club. They have an old timey feel while at the same time being completely modern. If you love beautifully crafted harmonies don't miss this one. It is not strictly an outdoor concert but we will be throwing open the doors and spilling out onto our hostess Teresa's beautiful covered deck overlooking Okanagan Lake at #2- 3105 Thacker Dr West Kelowna.

only $20 admission with all proceeds to the artists.

SORRY.. Another Sold-Out performance
from your Kelowna Folk Club

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Contact person: Ruth O'Doherty,
tel 250-454-6621

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